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Das Boot (German- "The Boat")
andy gives it a: ****
  • A documentary style film, which chronicles the life of German U-boat sailors, in the midst of some of World War II's most fierce naval battles.
  • Unbelievably good acting. It's hard to believe that these weren't the actual sailors.
  • The most exciting part is, without doubt, the attemp to cross the Strait of Gibralter.
  • A very well made movie. You're actually forced to sympathize with the German sailors.

The Vanishing (French/Dutch)
andy gives it a: ****
  • A frightening story of a man obssesed with finding his lost girlfriend, and another who considers his murder an art.
  • Great performances by the two lead actors.
  • The ending is superb. One of the best endings I've ever seen.
  • 'tis a chilling tale. Too bad most people see the American version.