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History of The Group
Watch yo back

The Shark
The Beginning Stages

I guess 7th grade is when it all started. Raney intermediate School was the place. During this time I came into contact with David Song (whom, I believe, at this point, was acqainted with Ramon Escurel and Tri Nguyen) and Khuram Shah. It was the top secret Monkey Island and Last Crusade missions that brought Song, Shah, and I together. It started out as a simple exchanging of information.

The Quint

The solidifying of this "information ring" came about in a 9th grade geometry class, at world renowned Corona High School. In this class, I had the good fortune of being seated in the Vietnamese section, where I became friends with the "Stikman" Tri Nguyen.The Yaleman Song, Shah (at this time the "Pakistani Protectorate") , Nguyen, and I formed a a small group, which was later joined by Naushad Huda (Now known as "DJ Nashuda"). This small band was known as: the Quint. (During this time, I recall hearing of a young fellow by the name of Orlando (now "Oreo") Furtado, who was making his bones, in my old stomping grounds: San Diego, Ca. And an ambitious young Korean, by the name of Steve Nam, was also making a name for himself on the CHS Tennis squad.)

The Group

To the best of my knowledge, there is no official record on when the Quint and our tangents became known as the Group. It may have been that day in 10th grade, when Ramon "the PIMP" Escurel joined our ranks.K-Man Or when Khuram (now K-Man) introduced us to Brice Whitey. Or, perhaps, when Orlando Furtado (the very same) came to us. Maybe, it was the emergence of Steve Nam as a powerful, new force, that indicated the beginning of the Group.

But beware, our beginning is hardly the most vague aspect of our existence. Even now, you must be asking yourself: What is their purpose? How many of them are there? How powerful are they? And the answer is: you'll never find out. All I can say is that... we are everywhere. Many of our agents don't even know that they work for us. It's conceivable that you're, inadvertently, doing our dirty-work for us. Chances are that your friends, members of your family, and your most trusted, loved ones are working for us. So, next time you're with your comrads, or eating dinner with your family, look around. You may be looking at our agents.

Lexicon of the Group
History of the Group, as recorded by the scribe D.K. Song