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If I was King of America...
This is the page where I basically express my opinion on the rights and wrongs of our society. Don't take this too seriously.

If I was King...

1) The Second Amendment would be no more. When our Fore-fathers said we have the right to arm ourselves, I don't think they meant semi-automatic weapons. At the very least I would change the 2nd amendment to say we "have the right to own muskets."

2) We would invade Canada. Oh, come on .. it'd be fun.

3) The National Anthem would be changed to U2's "Heartland."

4) I'd paint the White House Brown.

5) I would allow, no, encourage, no, force the South to secede.

6) I'd definitely move the capital from that crack-hole of a city, Washington.

7) Pete Wilson, would be thrown out of office, and into one of California's fine Correctional Institutions.

8) I'd do away with the death penalty. I know you're thinking, "Man this guy is one liberal wuss." But, hey.. usually when a prisoner is executed.. the crime rate in that locality goes up, substantially. Plus.. does the state really have the right to take a life? And besides: Isn't death an easy way out? Let these guys stay in jail and get raped repeatedly.

9) To hell with Megan's Law.. keep Sex offenders locked up forever.

10) Make immigration much easier.. and illegal immigration, much harder.

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