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Previous Quotes of the Day

Files Description File Size
The Godfather Screenplay The greatest movie of all time? 147K
Pulp Fiction Tarantino's best work 320K
a Simpsons Theme for MS Plus If you want a Simpson's Background or Icons, here ya go 162K
Map o' London A Sherlock Holmes Victorian London map 102K
Calcutta A picture of the Old Howrah Bridge. Taken by me. 23K
AndY and the NYPD Me, posing, rather disgracefully, in front of a NYPD car. Taken by Khuram Shah. 26K
Bricks Damn fun game. Break through graphics. OK maybe not, but it kills time while your waiting for a major download. 10K
Danny C and Me What you really do in college.(No, my head's not on fire). 99K

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