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Shout Outs

Peace to my homies in the NYC
Peace to all my niggas and all my G's
Peace to all the Indians, (preferably Bengali)
And peace to all the Asians in my posse

Peace to UCI, UCSD, and Yale
In academics we succeed, but in athletics we fail
Peace to UCLA, and UCB
Atleast your better than that faggoty Stanford tree

Peace to the mother fuckin' Wu Tang Klan
Aldor '97, fuck Rohan

Peace to the City of Angels, LA,
Home of Gangs, Mexicans, and whores that're gay,
We all know Hollywood Boulavard's a farce
No fast cars or movie stars

Peace to Big Boy in S-U-N-Y
We all know you're not getting drunk or gettin' high
Peace to Viral U, with all that gay-porn
only a matter of time before your ass gets torn

Peace to the Group from the Crown town
Or should I say.. the Yellow and Brown town?
Indian, Korean, Filipino, and Vietnamese
Now check out David's Bio in Ebokanese.