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Andy's Filmania

Welcome to Andy's Filmania.. where you will be subjected to my extremely biased opinions on various films, ranging from current blockbuster pictures to classics to foreign films to hard-core porn( hmm.. maybe not) to slapstik comedies. Keep in mind that I am neither a professor of, nor am I a student in Film Critcology. I like a tha movies.. so I rate a tha movies. I hope you'll enjoy.


***** = Brahman - Immortal Classic
**** = Kshatriya - Superb film
*** = Vaishya - Decent effort
** = Shudra - Poor effort
* = Panchama - Garbage/Never should have been made

On with the reviews...

The Godfather : *****

Swingers : ****

Eat, Drink, Man, Woman : ****

Beverly Hills Ninja : ***

Clockwork Orange : ****

Vanishing : ****

The English Patient : *****

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