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andy's page

Quote o' the fortnight:
"Looks like the chickens have come home to roost"- Malcom X, upon hearing of JFK's death.(Three weeks earlier, Kennedy authorized the assasination of the President of Vietnam.)

Put some more files on the Shite Page

The giant smogopolis, we call home
Well here it is, my little page. This is my first Page, so don't expect any fancy Java stuff. To enjoy this page to the fullest, I suggest you use Netscape Navigator. Using Microsoft's Internet Explorer is a mark of the weak, evil, and insane. I also suggest that you view this page with a 800x600 resolution and a 16-bit color depth. Oh.. and you might run across some vocabulary, on this page, and other "Group" member pages, that won't appear in your normal dictionary. And, I know some of these pages might seem like they don't have enough material. Don't worry, I'm working on the Film page and the Group page. I'm also planning a page about dorm-life at UCI, "The Aldor Years." If you have any suggestions, comments, or you object to anything on the page, E-mail me, I'll be sure to ignore it. Oh yeah and the new guestbook is up, be a pal and go sign it.
I know many of you can't stand these pages with frames. I can't blame you.. some of those fancy-pants programmers, have bloody 100k image maps on their frames. And other people have those hideous scroll bars and borders. If you absolutely cannot live with the black menu bar on the left of your screen, my page can be viewed without it, here.

The Bio- Just your run of the mill, mandatory, Bio page. Or is it?
Opinions, Observations, etc.- My opinions on just about anything from politics to your mama.
The Shite Site- Assorted files and other shite
Andy's Art Gallery- Artsy stuff
My Film Page- Still under construction. More reviews are coming soon..
Links that'll blow ya up kid!- Word is bond!
1040 Evergreen Terrace- Simpsons sounds and pictures

The Guest Book

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