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Links that'll blow ya up Kid

The Great Institutions of Learning

UCI - California's fifth or sixth most esteemed University
UC Berkeley - This is a pretty good school too
Yale - Fancy pants, Ivy league school. Ranked pretty high up there. I think.
Harvard - Huck Farvard!
UCLA - Hey, nearly 40,000 people go here.
JPL - For guys who can send remote control cars to Mars, they sure got an ugly web site.

The Paisan

Wu-Tang Klan - Killa bees on attack
David's Page - Coming to ya from California's most liberal city, Berkeley.
Yaleman's Page - Straight outta the greatest city on the Eastern Seaboard: New Haven, CT.
Mr Sparkles' Page - Yaleman's little bro. Tons o' Simpson shite.
Sick Boy's Page - Davids's little bro. A dope ass breaker.

India Links

Rediff on The Net - Probably the best news service on the Subcontinent.
INDOlink - This page is great it's got everything from Recipes to "Bollywood" film news.
Prakash - Another Indo-database.

News Services - The fastest news service in the US.
The LA Times - The largest circulation west of the Mississippi.
MSNBC - Despite my hatred for Microsoft.. MSNBC is acceptable.

Other Shite - Wait until the WNBA season ends to go here.
The Godfather Page - If you get past the lameness, this page actually has some neat stuff

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