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Paintings in the Louvre

Joseph Vernet
View of the Gulf of Naples
View of Naples with Mt. Vesuvius

Claude Gellee (Le Lorrain)
The Village Fete
The Landing of Cleopatra at Tarsus
Ulysses Returns Chryseis to Her Father
Landscape with Paris and Oenone

Francesco Guardi
The Bucentaur Departs for the Lido on Ascension Day
The Doge in the Bucentaur at San Nicolo Lido on Ascension Day
The Doge of the Venice Goes to the Salute on 21 November to Commemorate the End of the Plague of 1630

Antonio Canal (Canaletto) and Michele Marieschi
The Molo, Seen from the Basin of San Marco -Canaletto
The Entry to the Grand Canal and the Church of the Salute at Venice - Marieschi

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